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Article: How to Build a Capsule Makeup Collection

How to Build a Capsule Makeup Collection_BlushBee Organic Beauty
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How to Build a Capsule Makeup Collection

Let's keep it real; stacking up 20+ making products or a different product for every use just simply seems impractical and unaffordable. Hoarding onto makeup products may seem like the dream for any makeup enthusiast. Still, when time is ticking and you struggle to put together a look 10 minutes before you depart for a party or office, an over-the-top makeup collection seems ironically daunting.

The best way to solve the makeup conundrum is to make the most of all makeup by putting together a well-crafted but minimalist makeup capsule containing products that check the following: 

> Your daily requirements

> Your personal needs

> Highlights your best features 

> Fit into one pouch, easy to carry around

> Good quality, skin-friendly products 

> Affordable and accessible

A makeup capsule is based on personal needs and depending on preferences. But owing to all the above requirements, here's a quick and easy general guide of what you can try and fit into your very own makeup capsule. 

  • Vegan Cream Concealer
    A concealer is an essential base to begin any makeup look. It's like a magic fix to make any imperfections disappear but can also be used for enhancing and defining your features. A concealer allows your skin to even out like a canvas on which you can add colors and experiment with different products. It's the best getaway to cover up without looking cakey and heavily applied. Even if you aim for a no-makeup look, a concealer is a must-have in every makeup kit.

  • Eye-Kajal
    A dark-colored eyeliner can be your best, most used product for daily wear. A line across your eyelids can help open your eyes and brighten up any look! Eyeliners can also be used to define the waterline and fill in the eyebrows. It's an incredible, multi-purpose tool for every makeup beginner, learner and lover!

  • Blush
  • The glorious glow; a blush is such a saving grace to add some color without overdoing the look. Blush can give a healthy glow on the cheeks, serve as an eyeshadow and even work as a lip tint when paired with a lip balm or gloss. The best part about blushes is the natural shades that blend well in most skin tones. BlushBee has its own range of natural glow blushes in corals, bright and baby pinks, maroons and red; you can pick a shade that flatters your skin tone the most, helping you subtly lift your look in monochrome or color! Shades Ursa, Sextans for pink flushed looks, Natural Blush TYL for a more shimmery look, Kama and ForNa leaning towards coral hues beaming a sun kissed radiance!

  • Lipstick
    Any makeup adventure is incomplete without the rendezvous of an iconic lipstick. Lipstick is the most commonly adorned makeup present in every makeup kit. But what makes it feature in a capsule essential? 
  • Similar to a blush selection, instead of collecting different shades of lipstick, it is immensely helpful to identify a shade that goes with your specific skin tone and in accordance with the usage. Neutrals, browns, reds, maroons, pick your choice with BlushBee’s Range of Wine Waltz, Mocha, Velvet Touch, Party Red and Mystic Mauve, a diverse shade range which can be used in combination with other products for different uses. A lipstick can be creatively used as a blush, lip stain and as per some makeup hacks, also as a color corrector. 

    Natural Glow Blush + Neutral Nude Lipstick + Micellar Water

    The capsule trio recommendation has the Natural Glow Blush Ursa with its hue of coral pink, flattering any complexion to create a natural, beaming glow. The Nude Neutral  Vegan Lipstick is just perfect for keeping your lips hydrated and moisturized with a pop of color. The BlushBee Organic Micellar water infused with Organic Aloe Vera Extract & Oil works as a gentle cleanser to keep your face cleansed and smooth. 

    A well-rounded, simple trio for creating subtle, minimalistic and timeless looks!

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