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Article: The Most Classic Beauty Tips to Perfect a Makeup Look

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The Most Classic Beauty Tips to Perfect a Makeup Look

Makeup is an expression where one can limitlessly express themselves. Be it a fashion editorial look or a simple look for an evening; a makeup look can have an enhancing effect on the occasion. Every decade has its own trend. The 1920s introduced the smoky eye; the 40s brought the classic red lip, the 60s and 70s were the era of everything glitter and graphic and the 90s brought into vogue the neutrals, browns and understated. With years of editorial looks and inspiration to look at, makeup has become more exciting than ever! There are things to learn, secrets to discover and much more to unpack; here are some common tips to follow to perfect almost any look from any era! 

  • Use concealer to brighten
    A concealer helps to cover blemishes, hide spots and pigmentation. Besides this, a concealer can also be used to brighten different face areas. The under eyes can appear hollow, or the crevices beneath the nose and chin can create shadows. A Cream Concealer that is easy to blend and use can help balance out the shadows on the face. 

  • Heat your eyelash curler
    Mascara helps brighten up the eyes! An eyelash curler is an instant level up to the entire look. A trick that can help curl the lashes more effectively is heating the edges of the curler with a hair dryer. (Lightly, not too sharply as it can burn the eyelid). The slight heat can help the curl to sustain longer and hold the mascara more effectively. 

  • Blush for pop!
    No look is ever complete without a pop of pink across the cheeks! The best thing about blushes is they can be used differently for other parts of the face. A Peachish Blush can be used to achieve a sun-kissed look by applying the blush over the nose and across the cheeks. A reddish blush can be used on the lids as a lip stain and an intense blush for an all-monochromatic look. A Pink Blush is a classic pop of pink for a young, fresh, blossoming look. 

  • Shiny and Sheer: Eye Shadow Basics
    Makeup need not be professional. An eyeshadow look does not need a stock of makeup tools and a set of brushes to compliment the color and monotones of the outfit. Using a Warm Toned palette, one can mix and match different color and blend a desired colored by hand. The light, sheer and natural tone is much more unique than a fixed and repeated color palate. 

  • Melted ombre lip look
    The classic red lip is a staple for creating a bold, impactful statement and goes on almost every outfit. The first step is to use a velvet, soft formula Lipstick on the lips. The edges can be softened using a Q-tip and some micellar water to create a more melted lip look and less of a sharp lip look. A melted lip is more natural and fits better with the entire look of the face. 

  • About BlushBee Organic Beauty 

    BlushBee is a holistic, vegan and organic beauty brand which aims to approach the concept of makeup and skincare sustainably and ethically. The ideology of BlushBee is to create usable products made from locally sourced ingredients packed with all the essential nourishment our skin needs to thrive. BlushBee also strives to associate a passionate, nurturing belief by interweaving the brand identity with its practice of clean living, i.e., eco-friendly production using recyclable materials for packaging.

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