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Lip Nourishing Liquid Lipstick

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BlushBee Lip Nourishing Liquid Matte Lipsticks glide on with intense pigments delivering the perfect amount of color. This 100% Natural, Plant-Powered, Clean & Vegan formula delivers bold, long-lasting color and stays in place for up to twelve hours of continuous wear.

Our weightless formula is also smudge-proof and transfer-proof and provides lasting hydration, nourishment, and moisture to lips.

Formulated with skin-loving ingredients Rose, Jasmine, Peach fruit, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic acid (plant-derived), Licorice root extract, nurtures and softens lips, protects against environmental pollutants, and aids in restoring hydration.

Available in 5 Shades.

LitMe - Reddish Maroon: Bold and intense shade of maroon with a hint of red, great for a statement-making look.

Bay4 - Nude Pink: Soft and delicate shade of pink with a hint of beige, perfect for an effortless and natural look.

HBD - Dusty Pink: Muted and understated shade of pink with a hint of gray, great for a polished and refined appearance.

Sam U - Touch of Mauve: Romantic and dreamy shade of mauve with a hint of pink, perfect for a soft and feminine look.

Crush way - Almond Brown: Warm and rich shade of brown with a hint of orange, great for a bold and confident look.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome velvet finish

Really appriciable fully organic lipstick. Beautiful nude pink gives velvet matte finish.transfer proof. Waiting for nude brown shade, mascara and brow filler

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