Here’s How To Use Your Red Lipstick In Multiple Ways

What’s not to love about your bold red lipstick? Especially when you can use it in so many different ways? Here are a few for you –

1.As A Blush

When you don’t have a blush, your red liquid lipstick can be a perfect alternate.

How To

  • Take a little of your red liquid lipstick on your hand and spread it into a small patch, evenly to avoid any lumps
  • Take a little of the product on a beauty blender and dab it gently on the apple of your cheeks.

 2.Make Your Own Shade

If you are not happy with the lipstick shades you have or want that slight tinge of red in your favorite lipstick, just mix your red lipstick with another colour. Now you have 3 different shades for the price of 2.

How To

  • Apply one coat of the darker shade first and layer it with the light shade on top. Now blend well with a lip brush.
  • Alternatively, you can take a lip brush to take a little of both lipsticks, blend and apply it; but you will ruin or waste your lipsticks.

3.Tinted Lipbalm

Sometimes the balm that soothes your lips can be plain and boring. Add a little colour and you are all set!

How To

  • Take a dollop of Shea butter or even your lip balm
  • Add a little of any bright red lipstick
  • Microwave for 30 seconds. Repeat for 30 seconds if needed
  • Let it cool down for a minute
  • Scoop it into a clean dry container and voila!


 4.As An Eyeshadow

Want a long-lasting eyeshadow that matches your red lips? Use your lipstick!

How To

  • Swipe a clean finger over your creamy red bullet lipstick
  • Apply it gently over your lids for a glossy finish
  • You can play around with the pressure based on how much colour, you want on your lids.

 5.To Conceal

Yes, you can use your red lipstick as an effective concealer.

How To

  • Dab just a little of your red lipstick under your eyes and on the spots, you want to conceal
  • Blend it in small movements
  • Seal it with a concealer or foundation
  • Ensure you don’t use too much of your lipstick as the colour will stand out.